Diddy pays Sting ‘$5,000 a day’ for sampling his biggest hit song


Sean “Diddy” Combs is still paying the price for sampling “The Police”Every Breath You Take“, and it’s not cheap.

The tycoon, who sampled the hit for his 1997″I’ll miss youtribute to the late Notorious BIG, tweeted this week that he was still paying police leader Sting $5,000 in royalties every day.

Diddy made the revelation after an excerpt from 2018 from “The Breakfast Club” was recirculated on Twitter in which Sting said the rapper was paying him $2,000 a day “for the rest of his life” for using the song.

Sting and Sean “Diddy” Combs at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Kevin Mazur | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images

“No,” Diddy wrote in a quote tweet of the video. “5K a day. Hugs to you brother @Official Sting!”

This is not the first time that the payment agreement between the two artists has made headlines. In 2003, Sting said rolling stone that when Elton John heard “I’m going to miss you”, he told him “You’re going to be a millionaire!”

“I sent a couple of my kids off to college on the product,” Sting said at the time. “And Diddy and I are still good friends.”

Even if Diddy writes a check for $5,000 365 times a year, totaling $1,825,000 a year, it’s unlikely to hurt his wallet too much.

Forbes estimated he made $90 million in 2022 alone, in part from his Ciroc vodka partnership, and in 2019 he pegged his net worth at $740 million.

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