Earnings week, data means ‘big shakeup’ for stocks


Investors should brace for a “widespread reshuffle in the equities guard” over the next two weeks, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Friday, with a slew of critical earnings and economic data to come.

Investors should be prepared for earnings releases that move the market, such as Coca Colaindustrial enterprise 3Mconsumer favorite McDonald’s, General Electric, General Engines And much more. Those big names mean investors willing to play their cards right should “do their homework” ahead of earnings calls, review analyst notes and, of course, read each respective earnings release, Cramer said.

First Republicwhich reports Monday, will be a key name to watch as it is “widely seen as the most threatened regional bank”, he said.

General Electric and Raytheon declare income on Tuesday, followed by Boeing Wednesday.

In terms of economic data, investors should be prepared for the personal consumption deflator, which is the Federal Reserve’s “best way to measure inflation,” Cramer said. This is scheduled for next week on Friday, alongside the earnings of a consumer business Colgate.

Both Exxon Mobil And Chevron report next Friday as well. “My money is on Exxon, again,” Cramer said.

With a slew of high-powered names set to report over the next few days, Cramer thinks investors should keep one thing in mind at all times.

“Never fly blindly in earnings season,” he said.

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Here's what Jim Cramer is watching as earnings season kicks into high gear

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