How to track your tax refund


The 2022 tax season is officially over – your tax return or extension request was due on April 18.

With an average tax refund over $2,800 as of April 7, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you may be wondering when that check will arrive in your account or mailbox. You don’t have to call the IRS to find out – in fact, they’d rather you didn’t.

The IRS has a simple online tool available at, which allows you to track the status of your refund payment. Here’s how to use the tool and when you can expect to receive money from Uncle Sam.

“Where’s my refund?” from the IRS? tool

You can access IRS Refund Tracking by visiting the IRS website on your desktop computer or by using the IRS2Go mobile app on your phone.

If you filed your taxes online, the tool should be able to give you an update on your refund status 24 hours after you file. If you mailed your return, you’ll have to wait four weeks before checking, according to the IRS website.

You will need the following information to track your refund:

  • Social security number or individual tax identification number
  • Filing status
  • Exact amount of refund claimed on your tax return

It can be frustrating to wait for updates, but the IRS says it’s not worth checking more than once a day because the tool mostly updates overnight. Most refunds are issued within 21 days to receive your tax return, the agency says.

Once you’ve entered your information, the Where’s my refund? the tool will display one of three states:

  • Return received
  • Refund approved
  • Refund sent

If you provided your banking information to the IRS for direct deposit, the IRS will prepare to send your payment once your status shows “refund approved”. The tool will give you personalized information and provide a repayment date once it is approved.

Filing a paper return or changing a return are two possible reasons why your refund could be delayed, but the IRS outlines wait times and necessary actions for various circumstances. The agency will request additional information from you by mail if this is necessary to receive your refund. The IRS asks users to only contact the agency if the tool tells you to.

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