Top 10 cities with telecommuting job offers


Fewer people are working from home today than in years past, but remote work continues to reshape major cities across the United States

Nationally, about 12% of job postings explicitly allow remote work at least one day a week, according to data from WFH Mapa group of economists and researchers measuring the lasting impacts of remote working, and Lightcast, a labor market analytics company with access to online job postings nationwide.

But some major cities offer far more flexibility for people to work remotely. The #1 US city for finding jobs with remote flexibility is Lansing, Michigan, where up to 39% of job descriptions explicitly state that people can work from home in February 2023. Close behind is Topeka, Kansas, where 32% of current job postings openly state that they allow applicants to work remotely at least one day a week.

Here are the top 10 US cities with the highest shares of job postings offering remote work, along with the share of remote openings in each city:

  1. Lansing, Michigan: 39%
  2. Topeka, Kansas: 32%
  3. San Francisco: 30%
  4. Reston, Virginia: 30%
  5. Ann Arbor, Michigan: 29%
  6. Washington, D.C.: 27%
  7. Salem, Oregon: 25%
  8. McLean, Virginia: 25%
  9. Chicago: 24%
  10. Boston: 24%

Overall, cities with larger white-collar workforces, especially in government, technology, and education, have the highest share of job openings offering flexible work arrangements. distance or hybrids, says Peter Lambert, Ph.D. candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science and member of the WFH Maps research team.

For example, Lansing, Topeka, DC, and Salem are hubs for government roles and administrative work. Reston and McLean in Virginia are part of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Meanwhile, Lambert says, San Francisco and Reston are both big tech markets, and Ann Arbor has a large pool of education and professional services jobs.

Markets experiencing labor shortages and a high share of job vacancies are more likely to have openings that will allow remote working, compared to cities where hiring has returned to pre-COVID levels. pandemic.

Lambert says he expects this gap to widen in the future, and that more companies will realize that hybrid and remote working is the “new normal” and will “start offering it explicitly to new more recruits throughout 2023”.

Compared to their international counterparts, the share of remote job openings in the United States is similar to what is offered in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, hovering between 11% and 12%. The UK, meanwhile, stands out with around 18% of jobs open to remote working in February.

Previous data from LinkedIn shows that the share of people working primarily remotely in the United States has declined since January 2021, but saw a slight rebound in early 2023.

In January, 13% of full-time American workers are fully remote, 28% are in a hybrid arrangement and a majority, 59%, are back in the office full-time, according to WFH research datathe research group studying attitudes and behaviors around remote work throughout the pandemic.

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