With the debt crisis looming, look at these names and sectors


Investors can look to the 2011 debt ceiling crisis for guidance on where to invest as the country faces a similar stalemate and potential downturn, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday.

“We can buy the shares of literally any pharmaceutical company,” Cramer said. He pointed Eli Lily as a standout name, saying it’s about to launch one of its biggest launches in a long time, a potentially game-changing diabetes drug.

Consumer products stocks also offer opportunities, Cramer continued. “I would think of Procter & Gamble“, he said, noting that he had weathered the debt downturn of 2011, and Johnson & Johnson Kenvue spin-off.

Along with these names, Cramer thinks that PepsiCo is a “fabulous artist”, and that Mondelez And Hershey both offer strength among food names. Lower costs thanks to the supply chain returning to normal and lower raw material prices are a boon for these companies, he said.

And even in the once lackluster tech sector, the names that “enabled the growth of the internet” will be as strong as they were in 2011, he said. names like Nvidia, Microsoft, Alphabet And Meta will be strong contenders because “this time it’s worth looking at who can help you harness big data for your own benefit,” Cramer said.

“Be careful,” he said, “and use the parameters I have set.”

Jim Cramer breaks down stocks that would do well in the event of a default

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